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Orthodontics is a term used in dentistry, which is a technical intervention using dental instruments to arrange, treat, and bring teeth back into position to help give you a balanced and regular set of teeth. Normally, a person's orthodontic process can last from 1-3 years, or even longer, depending on the condition and the degree of tooth misalignment.

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What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a term widely used in dentistry, helping to move teeth using specialized dental tools, helping to give you a balanced and regular set of teeth. Normally, during the process A person's orthodontic treatment can last from 1-3 years, or even longer, depending on the body, the degree of tooth misalignment and the orthodontic plan the doctor chooses. .

Popular orthodontic methods today

Which method to choose is a concern for those who are planning to have orthodontics. You should research carefully and consider when choosing because each method will have its own advantages and disadvantages, suitable for each different audience.
Orthodontics uses braces

Orthodontic braces are the most widely used and popular method today. This method uses dental appliances including brackets, archwires, elastic bands, etc. and many other supporting tools attached to the teeth. Braces are the main tool, glued to the teeth with dental glue, acting as a fulcrum for the adjustment process to take place as desired.

Orthodontics using braces is divided into many different types, depending on the material, structure and form of each type:

- Metal braces: Metal is the main material used today, precisely stainless steel. Metal braces have extremely good durability, providing high correction efficiency. This is also the cheapest type of braces, however it is not very popular so many people are quite hesitant to use it. Another small disadvantage of metal braces is that they are easily scratched by cheeks, lips, and gums.
- Ceramic braces: Porcelain braces are meticulously machined, with soft lines so they do not cause entanglement or rubbing on the lips. Compared to metal braces, ceramic braces are considered to have less bearing capacity and are easily broken if subjected to strong impact. In addition, porcelain enamel can also stain food if not cleaned meticulously.
- Crystal braces: Transparent crystal material is a type of orthodontic braces developed from traditional metal braces. Due to its transparent nature, if viewed from a distance, it will be difficult to distinguish that you are undergoing orthodontic treatment. In particular, this type of braces does not cause yellowing of teeth.

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Orthodontics without braces

Orthodontics without braces is an advanced form developed to help people see clearly during the process - an issue that most people are concerned about. Instead of using braces, these methods use transparent trays designed according to each person's tooth shape.

With this transparent tray, you won't seem to feel like you're wearing it, and it'll be hard for others to see. Each day, you will need to wear the tray for a minimum of 20 - 22 hours, only removing it when cleaning your teeth and eating. In return, the cost of transparent trays is quite high, often only suitable for people with abundant economic conditions.

Some of the most popular orthodontic methods today include: Invisalign, Ecligner, Clear Align.

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